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S80GOLD Bolt Set DS0025013 #4(Ø28X27)

Part Name: DS0025013 BOLT;SET

Part NO.: DS0025013

Quantity: 16

Size: Ø28X27

Category: Excavator -> Crawler -> Mini Model



Group: Option Parts

Part Name: BOLT;SET

Part NO.: DS0025013

QTY: 16

Unit: EA

Size: Ø28X27

Model SFX: YESC0



Tonkee(www.partsdic.com) as one of the best heavy construction equipment spare parts wholesaler in china, supplies high quality DS0025013 aftermarket parts for your excavator. Bolt Set DS0025013 #4 is suitable for DooSan S80GOLD(DH80GOLD(ERP)) excavator. S80GOLD(DH80GOLD(ERP)) excavator option parts DS0025013 is on sale at Tonkee.
Size: Ø28X27

S80GOLD Track Ass'y Option Parts
Key NO.PartQuantitySize & Weight
2K1008340 Bearing Swing1Ø900X83, 146KG
4DS0025013 Bolt Set16Ø28X27
5400826-00008 Joint,center1380*220*200, 36KG, 29KG
72142-1114A Guard Track4400*145*50, 6KG
8270-00038A Idler Ass'y2Ø475x255, 62KG
9108-00020A Sprocket2Ø534X38, 39KG
12401-00335 Motor Travel2Ø335x360, 84KG
15270-00039E Roller Lower10Ø160x270, 18KG
19272-00050A Shoe Ass'y Track(450g)21100*1100*510, 235KG, 178KG
202129-6013G Track Spring Ass'y2623*229*210, 53KG, 46KG
21S0565666 Bolt M16x2.0x70816*70.00*2.00
222621-3318A Cover1Ø440x4, 4KG
232621-3319A Cover(l)1330*445*20, 4KG
242621-3320A Cover(r)1330*445*20, 4KG
252621-3321B Cover(l)1230*214*76, 1KG
262621-3337C Cover(r)1230*216*76, 1KG
282180-1017A Packing1190*12*2
35S4012733 Nut812*0.00*1.75

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