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Common excavator structures include power devices, working devices, slewing mechanisms, operating mechanisms, transmission mechanisms, walking mechanisms and auxiliary facilities.

The transmission mechanism transmits the power of the engine to hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders and other actuators through the hydraulic pump, and drives the working device to move, thereby completing various operations. These parts are often easily damaged and require frequent repairs and maintenance, so what quality parts should you choose? The original parts are expensive, but the quality is very good. The OEM excavator parts are less expensive, and the quality is also good. The aftermarket parts are the most cost-effective, not only cheap, but also stable in quality.

The running device is the chassis, including the track frame and the walking system, which is mainly composed of the track frame, the travel motor + reducer and its pipeline, the driving wheel, the guide wheel, the supporting sprocket, the supporting wheel, the track, and the tension buffer device. The function is to support the weight of the excavator, and convert the power transmitted by the driving wheel into traction force, so as to realize the walking of the whole machine. The frame assembly is an integral welded part with an X-shaped structure, and its main advantage is that it has a high load-bearing capacity. The frame assembly is welded by three parts: the left longitudinal beam, the main frame, and the right longitudinal beam.

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Hydraulic excavators are mainly composed of engines, hydraulic systems, working devices, traveling devices and electrical controls. The hydraulic system consists of hydraulic pumps, control valves, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors, pipelines, fuel tanks, etc. The electrical control system includes monitoring panels, engine control systems, pump control systems, various sensors, solenoid valves, etc.

Hydraulic excavators are generally composed of three parts: working device, upper body and lower body. According to its structure and use, it can be divided into: crawler type, tire type, walking type, full hydraulic, semi hydraulic, full rotation, non full rotation, general type, special type, articulated type, telescopic arm type and other types.

The working device is a device that directly completes the excavation task. It is composed of three parts: the boom, the stick, and the bucket. In order to meet the needs of various construction operations, the hydraulic excavator can be equipped with a variety of working devices, such as excavation, lifting, loading, leveling, clamps, bulldozers, impact hammers, rotary drilling and other operating tools. Most of the work equipment parts we sell are aftermarket. We are committed to providing cost-effective aftermarket spare parts.

The slewing and traveling device is the body of the hydraulic excavator, and the upper part of the turntable is equipped with a power device and a transmission system. The engine is the power source of the hydraulic excavator. Most of them use diesel oil and electric motors can also be used in convenient places. The hydraulic transmission system transmits the power of the engine to hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders and other actuators through the hydraulic pump, and drives the working device to move, thereby completing various operations.

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