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SOLAR 035 Chock FZS-2448-29-07 #29

Part Name: FZS-2448-29-07 CHOCK

Part NO.: FZS-2448-29-07

Quantity: 1

Size: -

Category: Excavator -> Crawler -> Mini Model


Model: SOLAR 035

Group: Track Parts

Part Name: CHOCK

Part NO.: FZS-2448-29-07

QTY: 1

Model SFX: HESJ0


Service CD: D


Chock FZS-2448-29-07 #29 is suitable for DooSan SOLAR 035 excavator. SOLAR 035 excavator track parts FZS-2448-29-07 is on sale at Tonkee. Tonkee(www.partsdic.com) offers high quality FZS-2448-29-07 spare parts for your excavator.

SOLAR 035 Main Pump Track Parts
Key NO.PartQuantitySize & Weight
40305-00230 Pump Ass'y -450*250*200, 24KG
29FZS-2448-29-07 Chock1-

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