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DL450 Cabin Assy 220101-00071B

Part Name: 220101-00071B CABIN ASSY

Part NO.: 220101-00071B

Quantity: 1

Size: -

Net weight: 700KG

Gross weight: 700KG

Category: Wheel Loader -> Dl Model

Name: CABIN(1) - BODY

Model: DL450

Group: Body Parts


Part NO.: 220101-00071B

Serial NO.: 10023 - ~

QTY: 1

Unit: EA

Gross Weight: 700KG

Net Weight: 700KG




Tonkee(www.partsdic.com) as one of the best heavy construction equipment spare parts supplier in china, offers high quality 220101-00071B spare parts for your wheel loader. Cabin Assy 220101-00071B is fits for DooSan(DeaWoo) DL450 wheel loader. DL450 wheel loader body parts 220101-00071B is on sale at Tonkee.
Serial NO: 10023 - ~

DL450 Cabin(1) Body Body Parts
Key NO.PartQuantitySize & Weight
K1005556H Cabin Ass'y -468KG, 400KG
220101-00071B Cabin Assy -700KG
152120-2166D6 Bolt1424*12*10
20K1011225 Mirror2380*280*150, 2KG, 1KG
244538-9017 Motor Wiper1210*158*115, 3KG
252120-2166D4 Bolt1228*20*17
252120-2166D4 Bolt628*20*17
26K1006361 Arm Rear1560*25*50
302538-9005A Motor Wiper1330*130*100, 1KG
34621-02577 Visor Sun1800*155*30, 1KG
38K1005593 Hook165*60*20
43K1010358 Plate2130*85*50, 1KG
45903-00064 Mirror Room2200*118*65
48534-00085 Lamp Head2147*138*90, 1KG
49534-00079 Room Lamp1138*83*33
502125-9055 Lock Back1110*80*100, 1KG
51534-00085 Lamp Head2147*138*90, 1KG
532120-2166D36 Bolt424*12*10
55K1005986 Nozzle1120*145*83
582114-1898D1 Washer16D24X2.9
68K1005603 Cover161*25*3
70K1005599B Bar2977*145*36, 1KG
71K1005573A Bracket1451*56*25, 1KG
72K1005577 Plate196*50*9
74195-02499 Bracket176*62*27
75195-02500 Bracket176*62*27
76K1005530A Plate Cover2227*192*122
772114-1898D2 Washer18D17X3.2
82K1005934 Plate1202*31*19
83K1011221 Bracket265*74*29
84K1011222 Cover1230*203*140, 1KG
85K1011223 Cover1230*198*140
86K1011224 Bracket269*75*25
87K1010428 Bracket1160*150*53
88K1013442 Washer175*35*4
89K1006364 Antenna190*17*70
932197-1661 Bracket456*25*14

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