DL250 Bolt 2120-2166D32 #49(43*22*19)

Part Name 2120-2166D32 BOLT
Part NO. 2120-2166D32
Quantity 4
Size 43*22*19


Model DL250
Group Body Parts
Part Name BOLT
Part NO. 2120-2166D32
Serial NO. -
Unit EA
Gross Weight -
Net Weight -
Size 43*22*19
Volume -
Service CD -
Remark -

Tonkee(www.partsdic.com) as one of the best heavy construction equipment spare parts supplier in china, supplies high quality 2120-2166D32 spare parts for your wheel loader. Bolt 2120-2166D32 #49 is suitable for DooSan(DeaWoo) DL250 wheel loader. DL250 wheel loader body parts 2120-2166D32 is on sale at Tonkee.
Size: 43*22*19

DL250 Engine Mounting Body Parts
Key NO.PartQuantitySize & Weight
3K1014407 Adapter1Ø360x54, 13KG, 12KG
4K1015505B Pipe Exhaust1215*185*90, 2KG
5K1014394A Bracket (r.h)1680*255*254, 14KG
6K1014412 Bracket (l.h)1680*277*255, 15KG
9161-00552 Mount T/m4φ124x40, 1KG
112114-1929 Washer4Ø125x10, 1KG
15K1017883 Pre Cleaner1Ø312x390, 6KG
15K1043471 Pre Cleaner1Ø370X373, 5KG
17K1014414 Hose Air1358*272*187, 1KG
18K1014416 Hose Air1219*185*127, 1KG
19K1014423 Pipe Air1Ø102x70
204182-1671C Clamp Pipe2147*125*17
24204-00067 Air Cleaner1557*439*280, 10KG
25K1014424A Muffler1724*459*537, 18KG
26203-00055 Pipe Muffler1820*292*292, 12KG
28198-00026 Rubber850*50*15
29S4012633 Nut4Ø20X8
32114-00403 Washer460*60*6
33114-00404 Spacer4Φ16X35
34K1014426 Pipe Exhaust1Ø96x390, 1KG
36124-00298A Band Air Cleaner2303*330*30, 1KG
37S4012533 Nut2Ø16X7
44K1008525 Bracket4126*84*70, 1KG
492120-2166D32 Bolt443*22*19
52S0508866 Bolt208*20.00*1.25
57DS2450001 Adapter132*23*14
58181-00074 Adapter126*22*51
59K1017420 Pipe1565*523*71, 3KG
60K1026660A Hose Air1Ø116x245
61K1044605 Pre Fuel Filter Ass'y1325*140*125, 2KG
62K1026662A Hose Air1301*182*111, 1KG
64K1002864 Elbow267*56*26
692185-1002D138 Hose19.5*12.9*860
72S8450012 Clamp9Ø24X14
742120-2166D27 Bolt433*22*19
752120-2166D1 Bolt437*20*17
77K1015981 Plate1320*240*75, 1KG
792120-2166D4 Bolt428*20*17
80K1015643 Plate1202*137*125, 1KG
81S0508466 Bolt208*12.00*1.25
82K1018521A Bracket1116*166*145, 2KG
24-2474-00040 Element Outer1Ø237x484, 2KG
24-3204-00075 Cover1357 * 279 * 83, 1KG
24-4204-00070 Valve Vacuator157 * 567 * 44
61-1K1006530 Filter Pre Fuel1Ø110X150, 1KG
61-2K1006973 Bowl1Ø100X116

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