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MEGA 300-V (S/N 2001~)  Bolt Set M10x1.5x25 2120-2196D2 #20
MEGA 300-V (S/N 2001~)  Bolt Set M10x1.5x25 2120-2196D2 #20

MEGA 300-V (S/N 2001~) Bolt Set M10x1.5x25 2120-2196D2 #20

Part Name: : BOLT;SET M10X1.5X25
Part NO. : 2120-2196D2
Quantity: : 18
Good suitable for DooSan MEGA 300-V (S/N 2001~)(M300-V (DE08TIS D114) wheel loader.
Description Specification

Bolt Set M10x1.5x25 2120-2196D2 #20 is suitable for DooSan(DeaWoo) MEGA 300-V (S/N 2001~)(M300-V (DE08TIS D114) wheel loader. MEGA 300-V (S/N 2001~)(M300-V (DE08TIS D114) wheel loader body parts 2120-2196D2 is on sale at Tonkee. Tonkee( supplies high quality 2120-2196D2 spare parts for your wheel loader.
Serial NO: 2001 - 2011

MEGA 300-V (S/N 2001~) Engine Cover Body Parts
Key NO.PartQuantitySize & Weight
1622-00073E Door R.h11068*1020*100, 36KG, 13KG
1A2125-9053 Lock1170*110*70, 1KG
2622-00072C Door L.h11068*1020*100, 74KG, 51KG
2A2125-9054 Lock1170*110*70, 1KG
3142-00033H Guard Ass'y Radiator11407*1032*811, 207KG, 132KG
4621-00569B Cover Condenser1625*615*240, 25KG, 8KG
6621-00553B Cover R.h1625*458*85, 6KG
7621-00539B Cover L.h1625*458*85, 4KG
9195-00458C Bracket Rh1373*146*150, 4KG
10195-00459C Bracket Lh1373*146*150, 3KG
11195-00460B Bracket R.h1177*180*104, 3KG
12195-00461B Bracket L.h1177*180*104, 3KG
13195-00533G Bracket11060*408*657, 43KG, 23KG
13195-00533H Bracket11060*408*657, 61KG, 31KG
14195-01165C Bracket11050*965*159, 17KG
15195-00594B Bracket1219*32*100
18195-00595B Bracket1268*50*50, 1KG
19621-00732C Cover11020*1010*28, 50KG, 30KG
202120-2196D2 Bolt Set M10x1.5x2518-
24S4012733 Nut812*0.00*1.75
254114-4160B Shim8100*25*1
27S0560853 Bolt M12x1.75x55412*55.00*1.75
292120-2166D2 Bolt1132*20*17
302114-1898D1 Washer21D24X2.9
3-1142-00032H Guard Radiator11407*1032*811
322120-2166D1 Bolt437*20*17
3-2621-00725A Door2740*300*74, 3KG
33S4012533 Nut8Ø16X7
3-3621-00726A Door1890*300*89, 3KG
35195-01202B Bracket1102*65*170
39S4012633 Nut17Ø20X8
41S2212266 Bolt Socket610*30.00*1.50
43S4012933 Nut2Ø28X13
45S5010913 Washer2Ø30X3.2
52621-00733B Cover1940*103*26, 2KG
53621-00734B Cover1940*103*26, 2KG
554621-2347 Cover1243*170*3
57621-00841C Cover1565*243*190, 2KG
58195-01096A Bracket270*70*50
59139-00031 Cable 805l1797.6*17.6*6.7
60114-00525 Shim635*40*2.0
9-1195-00458C Bracket Rh1373*146*150, 4KG
9-2A2534-6028 Case Lamp1355*145*105, 1KG
9-32124-1509D1 Clip143*18*12
10-1195-00459C Bracket Lh1373*146*150, 3KG
10-2A2534-6029 Case Lamp1355*145*105, 1KG
10-32124-1509D1 Clip143*18*12

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Category Wheel Loader -> V Model
Model MEGA 300-V (S/N 2001~)(M300-V (DE08TIS D114)
Group Body Parts
Part Name BOLT;SET M10X1.5X25
Part NO. 2120-2196D2
Serial NO. 2001 - 2011
QTY 18
Unit EA
Gross Weight -
Net Weight -
Size -
Volume -
Service CD -
Remark -
Service CD -
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