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17216328 VOE17216328 L110F L120F L350F pressure sensor
17216328 VOE17216328 L110F L120F L350F pressure sensor
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YA00000734 main control valve
ZX330-3 main control valve

17216328 VOE17216328 L110F L120F L350F pressure sensor

Application: L110F L120F L350F
Condition: New, China made
Part name:pressure sensor
Part Number:17216328 VOE17216328
Warranty:6 months
Series Count 0 Parts Count 0
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Product Description
Part Name 17216328 VOE17216328 pressure sensor L110F L120F L350F pressure sensor suitable for VOLVO
Model L110F L120F L350F
Part No. 17216328 VOE17216328
Brand DPMP
Place of Origin China
Condition New, China made
Warranty 6 months
Production Capacity 1000pcs/Month
Total Weight unknown
Payment Term T/T,Western Union,Alipay,Paypal,L/C
Packing Carton or Wooden case
Packing Size normal
Delivery Time depend on order
Means of Transport By Sea,Air or DHL/FEDEX/TNT/EMS
17216328 VOE17216328 pressure sensor
L110F pressure sensor
L120F pressure sensor
L350F pressure sensor
A pressure sensor is a device that can sense a pressure signal and convert the pressure signal into a usable output electrical signal according to a certain rule.
Pressure sensors are usually composed of pressure sensitive components and signal processing units. According to different test pressure types, pressure sensors can be divided into gauge pressure sensors, differential pressure sensors and absolute pressure sensors.
There are several types of faults that are prone to pressure sensors:
The first is the pressure go, but the transmitter can not go. In this case, first check whether the pressure port is leaking or blocked. If it is not confirmed, check the wiring method and check the power supply. If the power supply is normal, simply pressurize to see if the output changes, or if the sensor zero has output. If there is no change, the sensor is damaged, which may be a problem of instrument damage or other parts of the whole system;
The second is that the output of the pressurized transmitter does not change, and the output of the pressurized transmitter suddenly changes, and the zero position of the pressure relief transmitter cannot be recovered. It is likely to be a problem of the pressure sensor sealing ring. It is common for the seal ring specification. After the sensor is tightened, the seal ring is compressed into the sensor pressure port to block the sensor. When the pressure is applied, the pressure medium can not enter, but when the pressure is high, the seal ring is suddenly opened, and the pressure sensor is under pressure. Variety. The best way to eliminate this kind of fault is to remove the sensor and directly check whether the zero position is normal. If the zero position is normal, replace the seal and try again.
The third is that the transmitter output signal is unstable. This type of failure may be a problem with the pressure source. The pressure source itself is an unstable pressure. It is very likely that the instrument or pressure sensor is not strong in anti-interference ability, the sensor itself is very vibrating and the sensor is faulty. The fourth type is that the transmitter and the pointer type pressure gauge have large deviations. Deviation is a normal phenomenon, and the normal deviation range can be confirmed;
The last easy problem is the effect of the installation position of the differential pressure transmitter on the zero output. Due to the small measurement range of the differential pressure transmitter, the sensing elements in the transmitter affect the output of the differential pressure transmitter. The pressure sensitive component of the transmitter should be axially perpendicular to the direction of gravity during installation. After installation and fixing, adjust the transmitter zero to the standard value.

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