DL220 Washer S5102603 #4

Part Name S5102603 WASHER
Part NO. S5102603
Quantity 8
Size -


Model DL220
Group Body Parts
Part Name WASHER
Part NO. S5102603
Serial NO. -
Unit EA
Gross Weight -
Net Weight -
Size -
Volume -
Service CD -
Remark -

Washer S5102603 #4 is fits for DooSan(DeaWoo) DL220 wheel loader. DL220 wheel loader body parts S5102603 is on sale at Tonkee. Tonkee(www.partsdic.com) supplies high quality S5102603 replacement parts for your wheel loader.

DL220 Oil Cooler Piping(1) Body Parts
Key NO.PartQuantitySize & Weight
2K1004146 Damper4116*65*69
3S0511866 Bolt410*20.00*1.50
4S5102603 Washer8-
6K1042444 Bracket1396*140*63, 4KG
1-1K1014337A Radiator11077*696*244, 68KG
1-2K1014339A Hyd Oil Cooler11009*230*203, 22KG, 11KG
12219-00009A Hub1Ø115x21, 1KG
13920-00076 Fan Cooling1720X95, 3KG
1-4K1013860 Inter Cooler1936*525*389, 44KG, 22KG
14S0508866 Bolt608*20.00*1.25
172120-2166D48 Bolt452*20*17
40S4012733 Nut412*0.00*1.75
43K1010490 Clamp1101*28*20
44K1010491 Clamp1101*28*20
67DS2234012 Adapter1D31.75X47.5
68S8030121 O Ring3Ø23X2
752124-1026D2 Clamp173*25*35
78S8000241 O Ring1Ø31X4
94K1018177A Plate2116*63*22, 1KG
108195-01984B Bracket160*92*51
1-10K9002164 Cap180*59*30
1112114-1898D8 Washer2D26X2.6
112S4012533 Nut2Ø16X7
114101583-00016 Striker1Φ21X58X19
115K1030531 Latch1114*79*23
116K1038881A Bracket140*43*114
117DS0025016 Bolt Set2Ø28X37
1182120-2166D36 Bolt224*12*10
181K1008305 Motor Fan1245*190*220, 8KG
191K1024154 Motor Fan(bi Rotation)1220*210*190, 8KG
122-32114-1058D29 Washer4D26X2.6

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