DL250 Rubber K1004701A #12(302*120*16)

Part Name K1004701A RUBBER
Part NO. K1004701A
Quantity 4
Size 302*120*16
Weight 1KG


Model DL250
Group Option Parts
Part Name RUBBER
Part NO. K1004701A
Serial NO. 5067 - ~
Unit EA
Gross Weight 1KG
Net Weight 1KG
Size 302*120*16
Volume -
Service CD -
Remark -

Rubber K1004701A #12 is fits for DooSan DL250 wheel loader. DL250 wheel loader option parts K1004701A is on sale at Tonkee. Tonkee(www.partsdic.com) supplies high quality K1004701A spare parts for your wheel loader.
Serial NO: 5067 - ~
Size: 302*120*16

DL250 Fender & Ladder & Bucket Option Parts
Key NO.PartQuantitySize & Weight
1621-02106 Fender Front (r.h)1764*526*629, 61KG, 41KG
1K1030138A Fender Front (r.h)1764*526*616, 53KG, 33KG
2621-02107 Fender Front (l.h)1764*526*629, 61KG, 41KG
2K1030139A Fender Front (l.h)1764*526*616, 53KG, 33KG
3K1016223 Fender Rear (r.h)1950*518*706, 53KG, 33KG
3K1016223A Fender Rear (r.h)1950*518*691, 66KG, 38KG
4K1016224 Fender Rear (l.h)1950*518*706, 99KG, 41KG
4K1016224A Fender Rear (l.h)1950*518*691, 66KG, 38KG
5K1015118 Ladder1568*425*80, 13KG
6K1015117 Ladder1568*425*80, 12KG
7K1015119A Ladder1606*574*231, 11KG
8K1015120A Ladder1606*574*231, 8KG
9K1004818B Support (r.h)1620*445*335, 10KG
10K1004817B Support (l.h)1620*440*335, 8KG
11K1008755 Rung2366*100*45, 1KG
12K1004701 Rubber4280*100*16, 1KG
12K1004701A Rubber4302*120*16, 1KG
14DS0025031 Bolt6Ø32X48
162114-1058D2 Wahser12D36X4.5
162114-1058D2 Wahser14D36X4.5
19K1009006 Plate8100*30*6
20DS0025030 Bolt24Ø28X42
20DS0025030 Bolt30Ø28X42
22621-00652A Plate2600*155*10, 3KG
22K1030143 Plate2611*475*151, 2KG
23K1016226 Rubber2600*585*5
24K1016250C Fender Rear (r.h)1939*894*530, 66KG, 38KG
25K1016251C Fender Rear (l.h)1939*894*530, 66KG
28K1016254A Bracket1380*167*123, 5KG
29K1016255A Bracket1380*167*123, 5KG
31S6500200 Ring4Ø26X1
32123-00262 Pin4Φ20X76
33S4012933 Nut4Ø28X13
33S4012933 Nut6Ø28X13
37S4012733 Nut812*0.00*1.75
38S4012533 Nut8Ø16X7
434125-9016 Catch267*70*100
47S4012333 Nut806*0.00*1.00
49S4012633 Nut12Ø20X8
55S0515366 Bolt16Ø19X43
57K1016924 Stay2252*45*32
60K1016972 Plate2520*38*6, 1KG
61K1016973A Rubber2516*295*5, 1KG
644191-4506A Plate1480*60*25, 39KG
644191-4506B Plate1490*60*25, 2KG
654123-2423 Pin Set233*100*3
67129-00093 Spring Coil2φ33.5x217
68K1017284A Protector Tooth12760*489*209, 131KG, 88KG
68K1017284E Protector Tooth12549*489*264, 86KG, 40KG
70190-00365 Plate Name11000*370*1
70K1030245 Name Plate11000*370*0.1
78K1004813A Chock Wheel2555*200*325, 7KG
81K1028851 Name Plate1870*370*0.1
81K1028914 Name Plate1765*370*0.1
81K1034058A Name Plate11265*370*0.1
82K1028852 Name Plate1870*370*0.1
82K1028915 Name Plate1765*370*0.1
82K1034059A Name Plate11265*370*0.1
83K1027385 Plate Name1480*470*0.1
84K1028857 Name Plate1370*500*0.1
85125-00075A Catch2228.75*93.2*44.5, 1KG
88S0508866 Bolt408*20.00*1.25
90K1029350 Plate Name1480*470*0.1
91K1029352A Name Plate1423*500*0.1
9-1K1004816 Pipe(r.h)1295*405*375, 5KG, 4KG
92K1029924 Spacer16Ø18x15
9-3K1006182B Cover Lamp(r.h)1300*235*131, 3KG
9-4K1005906 Lamp1212*210*120, 1KG
95K1030144 Rim Wheel4Ø721X491, 152KG
96K1034044A Rubber Protector2550*366*5, 2KG
9-6DS0025023 Bolt Set2Ø28X32
9-7K1006592 Cap160*47*47, 8KG, 2KG
10-1K1004815 Pipe(l.h)1295*405*375, 5KG
10-2K1006250B Support Lamp(l.h)1160*97*20, 3KG
10-3K1006181B Cover Lamp(l.h)1300*235*131, 3KG
10-4K1005907 Lamp1212*210*120, 1KG
10-6DS0025023 Bolt Set2Ø28X32
10-7K1006592 Cap160*47*47, 8KG, 2KG
62-14110-1335 Bushing2Ø95x75, 1KG
62-2K1023197 Bush2Ø95x72, 5KG
62-34110-1338 Bushing2Ø105x90, 2KG
63-1K1017260A Bucket11850*700*570
63-1K1030243 Bucket11065KG
63-24713-1115A Tooth Side (l.h)1420*128*103, 12KG
63-34713-1114A Tooth Side (r.h)1420*128*103, 12KG
63-42983341M91C Tooth5420*80*103, 9KG
63-5S0565666 Bolt M16x2.0x701616*70.00*2.00
63-5S0565666 Bolt M16x2.0x701416*70.00*2.00
63-6S4012933 Nut16Ø28X13
63-6S4012933 Nut14Ø28X13

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