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SOLAR 150LC-V  O Ring S8030121 #22(Ø23X2)
SOLAR 150LC-V  O Ring S8030121 #22(Ø23X2)

SOLAR 150LC-V O Ring S8030121 #22(Ø23X2)

Part Name: : O-RING
Part NO. : S8030121
Quantity: : 11
Size: : Ø23X2
Good suitable for DooSan SOLAR 150LC-V excavator.
Description Specification

O Ring S8030121 #22 is suitable for DooSan(DeaWoo) SOLAR 150LC-V excavator. SOLAR 150LC-V excavator option parts S8030121 is on sale at Tonkee. Tonkee( supplies high quality S8030121 aftermarket parts for your excavator.
Size: Ø23X2

SOLAR 150LC-V Front Piping L.v.(1) 5.6mb+2.5ma Option Parts
Key NO.PartQuantitySize & Weight
22440-9355 Cylinder Boom(r.h.)11700*400*240, 105KG
32440-9232A Cylinder Arm11815*240*203, 156KG
4440-00398 Cylinder Bucket11550*370*200, 109KG, 89KG
102140-1330 Pipe Bucket21800*105*65, 4KG
112184-1200D1 Hose 730l1700*700*150
122184-1196D65 Hose 870l1700*700*150, 2KG
152124-1599 Clamp10100*29*28
182161-2250A Rubber4440*15*38
202181-9079 Flange266*26*22
212181-2627D1 Adapter3Ø42x44, 1KG
22S8030121 O Ring11Ø23X2
23S8000231 O Ring3Ø30X4
25S8030081 O Ring4Ø16X2
26S8000181 O Ring4Ø23X3
31S0560853 Bolt M12x1.75x551212*55.00*1.75
33S0515253 Bolt M12x1.75x30212*30.00*1.75

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Category Excavator -> Crawler -> V Model
Name FRONT PIPING-L.V.(1)-5.6mB+2.5mA
Model SOLAR 150LC-V
Group Option Parts
Part Name O-RING
Part NO. S8030121
Serial NO. -
QTY 11
Unit EA
Gross Weight -
Net Weight -
Size Ø23X2
Volume -
Model SFX ES150LC-V
Service CD -
Remark -
Service CD -
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