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MEGA 300-V (S/N 2001~)  Pin 4123-2414 #39(Ø20X27)
MEGA 300-V (S/N 2001~)  Pin 4123-2414 #39(Ø20X27)

MEGA 300-V (S/N 2001~) Pin 4123-2414 #39(Ø20X27)

Part Name: : PIN
Part NO. : 4123-2414
Quantity: : 1
Size: : Ø20X27
Good suitable for DooSan MEGA 300-V (S/N 2001~)(M300-V (DE08TIS D114) wheel loader.
Description Specification

Tonkee( as one of the best construction equipment aftermarket parts supplier in china, offers high quality 4123-2414 replacement parts for your wheel loader. Pin 4123-2414 #39 is suitable for DooSan(DeaWoo) MEGA 300-V (S/N 2001~)(M300-V (DE08TIS D114) wheel loader. MEGA 300-V (S/N 2001~)(M300-V (DE08TIS D114) wheel loader body parts 4123-2414 is on sale at Tonkee.
Size: Ø20X27

MEGA 300-V (S/N 2001~) Cabin(2) Body Parts
Key NO.PartQuantitySize & Weight
622-00286C Cabin Ass`y -2380*1785*1880, 493KG, 343KG
24622-1508C Door Ass`y11521*670*177, 42KG, 17KG
44622-1511E Window Ass`y11020*680*130, 32KG, 13KG
144627-1537J Cover Ass`y1720*422*90, 9KG
144627-1537K Cover Ass`y1720*422*108, 5KG
2-14622-1509C Door11506*660*119, 15KG
2-24627-1535A Cover1304*136*30
2-32120-2166D18 Screw6Ø11x15
2-44171-1111A Hinge2165*90*22, 1KG
2-52120-2166D2 Bolt632*20*17
2-64172-1123 Handle Outer1150*115*50
322120-2166D4 Bolt228*20*17
332125-9060A Catch Back Lock180*100*100, 1KG
354133-2102 Lever1275*33*19
394123-2414 Pin1Ø20X27
4-14622-1512C Frame Window1992*660*101, 30KG, 11KG
4-24171-1111A Hinge2165*90*22, 1KG
4-32120-2166D2 Bolt632*20*17
44S0512053 Bolt1210*25.00*1.50
4-62114-1898D2 Washer2D17X3.2
4-72114-1898D1 Washer6D24X2.9
492142-9002 Striker164*31*25
4-94903-1235A Glass1824*511*5, 6KG
554129-1481 Spring1Ø13X45
632114-1898D2 Washer13D17X3.2
632114-1898D2 Washer11D17X3.2
772114-1898D1 Washer14D24X2.9
78S5210503 Washer M82Ø16X1, 1KG
94621-01402 Plate169*50*18
95471-00107 Filter1260*224*21
97621-02928 Cover1370*315*50
14-14627-1538H Cover1720*422*90, 5KG
14-14627-1538J Cover1720*422*108, 5KG
14-1A2125-9053 Lock1170*110*70, 1KG
14-6161-00631 Rubber Cushion1244*270*12
2-112120-2166D9 Screw3Ø11x14
2-124622-1510A Sash Ass`y1943*523*30, 21KG, 8KG
2-12A4903-1232 Glass1430*475*5, 2KG
2-12B4903-1233A Glass1471*471*5, 2KG
2-15S4500633 Nut Flange4Ø21X10
2-162160-1219 Grommet2Ø40x8
2-17A4145-1290 Stay1202*75*48
2-17B4145-1291 Stay1225*40*5
2-17C4124-1670 Holder315*20*12
2-17D4123-2411 Pin1Ø10X14
2-17E4130-9005 Spring Plain153*12*10
2-202114-1898D1 Washer10D24X2.9
4-11621-01386 Cover Catch1130*54*52
4-122120-2166D18 Screw2Ø11x15

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Category Wheel Loader -> V Model
Name CABIN(2)
Model MEGA 300-V (S/N 2001~)(M300-V (DE08TIS D114)
Group Body Parts
Part Name PIN
Part NO. 4123-2414
Serial NO. -
Unit EA
Gross Weight -
Net Weight -
Size Ø20X27
Volume -
Service CD -
Remark -
Service CD -
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