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DL400  Bolt Set DS0025022 #26(Ø32X28)
DL400  Bolt Set DS0025022 #26(Ø32X28)

DL400 Bolt Set DS0025022 #26(Ø32X28)

Part Name: : BOLT;SET
Part NO. : DS0025022
Quantity: : 8
Size: : Ø32X28
Good suitable for DooSan DL400 wheel loader.
Description Specification

Bolt Set DS0025022 #26 is fits for DooSan(DeaWoo) DL400 wheel loader. DL400 wheel loader option parts DS0025022 is on sale at Tonkee. Tonkee( supplies high quality DS0025022 aftermarket parts for your wheel loader.
Serial NO: 5001 - 5761
Size: Ø32X28

DL400 Fender & Protector Full Option Parts
Key NO.PartQuantitySize & Weight
1K1004383C Fender Front (l.h)1751*491*657, 48KG, 28KG
2K1004384C Fender Front (r.h)1751*491*657, 43KG, 28KG
5K1004391B Handrail(l.h)1571*288*248, 2KG
1-3DS0025029 Bolt Set5Ø28X37
15K1004393A Handrail(l.h)1374*228*145, 1KG
1-5S4012633 Nut5Ø20X8
16K1004394A Handrail(r.h)1374*228*145, 1KG
1-6K1018920 Spacer5Ø18x9
17K1004395A Handrail(l.h)1698*339*279, 4KG
18K1004396A Handrail(r.h)1698*339*279, 4KG
19K1004807A Plate Rubber1631*685*5, 8KG
19K1026220B Plate Rubber2685*620*5, 4KG
20K1004817B Support (l.h)1620*440*335, 8KG
21K1004818B Support (r.h)1620*445*335, 10KG
22DS0025031 Bolt6Ø32X48
2-3DS0025029 Bolt Set5Ø28X37
24DS0025023 Bolt Set16Ø28X32
2-5S4012633 Nut5Ø20X8
2-6K1018920 Spacer5Ø18x9
26DS0025022 Bolt Set8Ø32X28
28K1004808 Plate2641*120*10, 3KG
28K1026208 Plate2650*545*170, 3KG
302114-1058D2 Wahser12D36X4.5
32DS0025014 Bolt Set26Ø28X27
32DS0025014 Bolt Set22Ø28X27
39K1018905B Fender Sub Ass'y Rear (l.h)11193*1214*721, 95KG, 37KG
40K1018907B Fender Sub Ass'y Rear (r.h)11790*760*660, 95KG, 37KG
45K1011624A Hinge (l.h)1845*436*391, 40KG
45K1011624B Hinge (l.h)1920*436*391, 52KG, 40KG
46K1011625B Hinge (r.h)1920*436*390, 40KG
48K1011629A Bracket (r.h)1160*400*173, 7KG
50S6500200 Ring4Ø26X1
51123-00262 Pin4Φ20X76
53S4012933 Nut4Ø28X13
56S4012733 Nut612*0.00*1.75
57161-00642 Foam2264*50*30
58114-00594A Spacer4φ21.7x12
59114-00591 Shim4264*50*3.2
634125-9016 Catch267*70*100
68K1011630 Stay2217*55*32
7-1K1018138 Plat Form (l.h)11593*685*273, 72KG, 44KG
71S4012533 Nut8Ø16X7
71S4012533 Nut12Ø16X7
7-2K1004389C Ladder (l.h)11014*788*769, 31KG
7-3K1004385B Fender Rear (l.h)11186*907*466, 92KG, 17KG
7-5DS0025023 Bolt Set4Ø28X32
7-6S4012633 Nut8Ø20X8
76S4012333 Nut806*0.00*1.00
7-8DS0025029 Bolt Set10Ø28X37
7-9DS0025014 Bolt Set6Ø28X27
81S0515366 Bolt16Ø19X43
8-2K1004390C Ladder (r.h)11014*787*769, 31KG
82DS0025028 Bolt2Ø28X52
8-3K1004386B Fender Rear (r.h)11142*907*466, 92KG, 17KG
84125-00075A Catch2228.75*93.2*44.5, 1KG
8-5DS0025023 Bolt Set4Ø28X32
8-6S4012633 Nut8Ø20X8
87S0508866 Bolt408*20.00*1.25
8-8DS0025029 Bolt Set10Ø28X37
8-9DS0025014 Bolt Set6Ø28X27
20-1K1004815 Pipe(l.h)1295*405*375, 5KG
20-2K1006250B Support Lamp(l.h)1160*97*20, 3KG
20-3K1006181B Cover Lamp(l.h)1300*235*131, 3KG
20-4K1005907 Lamp1212*210*120, 1KG
20-6DS0025023 Bolt Set2Ø28X32
20-7K1006592 Cap160*47*47, 8KG, 2KG
21-1K1004816 Pipe(r.h)1295*405*375, 5KG, 4KG
21-3K1006182B Cover Lamp(r.h)1300*235*131, 3KG
21-4K1005906 Lamp1212*210*120, 1KG
21-6DS0025023 Bolt Set2Ø28X32
21-7K1006592 Cap160*47*47, 8KG, 2KG
39-1K1011622C Fender Rear (l.h)11186*1207*571, 455KG, 380KG
39-2K1011726B Rubber11193*908*200, 7KG
39-3K1018110A Rubber Proector (l.h)1294*200*107, 1KG
39-4S4012633 Nut10Ø20X8
39-52114-1058D45 Washer10D24X2.9
39-6DS0025029 Bolt Set10Ø28X37
39-7K1018920 Spacer10Ø18x9
39-8K1018998 Rubber1116*205*40
40-1K1011623C Fender Rear (r.h)11186*1207*571, 458KG, 380KG
40-2K1011727B Rubber11193*908*200, 3KG
40-3K1018111A Rubber Proector (r.h)1294*200*107, 1KG
40-4S4012633 Nut10Ø20X8
40-52114-1058D45 Washer10D24X2.9
40-6DS0025029 Bolt Set10Ø28X37
40-7K1018920 Spacer10Ø18x9
40-8K1018998 Rubber1116*205*40
7-10K1018920 Spacer8Ø18x9
7-11K1008276 Hanger Step2350*100*16, 1KG
7-11K1008276A Rubber2372*120*16, 1KG
7-12K1008755 Rung1366*100*45, 1KG
7-13K1009006 Plate4100*30*6
7-14DS0025030 Bolt8Ø28X42
7-15K1029924 Spacer8Ø18x15
8-10K1018920 Spacer8Ø18x9
8-11K1008276 Hanger Step2350*100*16, 1KG
8-11K1008276A Rubber2372*120*16, 1KG
8-12K1008755 Rung1366*100*45, 1KG
8-13K1009006 Plate4100*30*6
8-14DS0025030 Bolt8Ø28X42
8-15K1029924 Spacer8Ø18x15

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Category Wheel Loader -> Dl Model
Model DL400
Group Option Parts
Part Name BOLT;SET
Part NO. DS0025022
Serial NO. 5001 - 5761
Unit EA
Gross Weight -
Net Weight -
Size Ø32X28
Volume -
Service CD -
Remark -
Service CD -
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